Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Zara coat | &Other Stories jumper
Topshop trousers | Marni shoes

I have to admit... This one is a bit of an old outfit. By old, I mean... Two weeks old. Last week, my best friend, Hanie, came to visit me for a week. Hence why I did not post anything. Just when I had a great outfit, it was raining. Helloooo spring.

Phil and I (Phil again? What's new right) went to Tate Modern because sometimes we just feel like being cultured and artsy, ya know? Of course I wanted to dress for the occasion and came up with this pyjama-like concoction of an outfit. I wanted to dress down the otherwise formal-ish outfit with a jumper, and thought a matching colour would be more interesting. To be honest I want to wear this jumper forever because it's so comfy!

Just to give you a head's up - April might be the busiest month in the history of my bachelor's degree. I have only one month left to literally conduct my non-existent focus group and finish my dissertation, and a dozen other assignments, while also applying for postgraduate degrees. So I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to post outfit pictures I took last year when my mum and I went to travel England a bit. 


  1. I love the pyjama like concussion! ha and your shoes are too cool babe good luck with your dissertation and all the work you have xx

  2. yay i'm glad you like it and yeah they're so cool right! couldn't not get them when i saw them :D
    thanks a lot girlll! x