Friday, March 11, 2016

A Trip to Wales

Not long ago, Phil and I went on a road trip to Wales. It was probably the worst time of year to go there, to be completely real with you (and mostly myself). If there was a lesson I learned from this trip, it's to not go on a road trip in the UK during winter. The weather forecast said it would rain the whole time we were there, and boy was the forecast right. We did have a bit of a ray of sunshine here and there, but it was mostly grey, horrible and ...flooded. 

We attempted to hike up Pen-y-fan. Attempt being the keyword here. We hiked for a good two hours, I reckon. And yet we still did not reach the top of this freaking mountain. I am well aware that I had a physically questionable attire to hike a mountain, as all the other people were wearing proper like puffer jackets and bloody mountain boots or whatever they were, but I kid you not, I was probably warmer than any of those bastards. Speaking of attire, Phil stupidly forgot his coat at home. No, not in the cottage we stayed at, but at home. In London. What a knob this lad is sometimes :"""( So I let him borrow my jacket. Goddamn I'm a great human. I mean... I lent my jacket for a hike in winter!!! Major girlfriend / human points for me. 

Phil has a bad relationship with swans. Here he was trying to challenge the swan and acting as if they're evil, even though they weren't doing anything to be honest lol. Also, as you can see, the lake that was supposed to look amazing ... you guessed it - was flooded. We couldn't even walk around the lake, and it was too grey to just take pictures of it. So we had to leave. 

We were taking pictures when suddenly a goat ran down from the cliffs to the road. I was so mad at Phil - who was holding the camera - for not taking a video of it. But I'd say this picture is pretty amusing. Look at that cute little goat go!! Omg

On our way home, we decided to stop by Bristol as it was kind of on our route anyway, and we both haven't been there before. Fellow hardcore Skins fans like myself would probably recognise the scenery in this picture. It was the hill in a few of the episodes with Cassie dancing on top of the bench while overdosing on drugs and alcohol (wow that sounds so dodgy).
Also, please, please excuse his bum crack hanging out. If you noticed.

When we planned this trip, I was imagining a lot of cool pictures and video footage of beautiful scenery and such. Purely looking at that aspect, this trip was a major disappointment. But I had a great time just spending time with the bae. It was a memorable trip for me indeed. :-)

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