Sunday, March 25, 2012


You'd probably see a "sorry for abandoning this blog" sort of thing in each and every one of my posts. Well now, I'm not gonna say it. Moving on, though.

So, us 11th graders were asked to make a movie for UAN. It covers the scores for IT and art, if I'm not mistaken. But there's a catch, the theme is "Heroes of today." So there I was, with Hanie, Hugo and Evan in the same team, picked by destiny. Well not really, my teacher picked our names randomly. After brainstorming ideas for a few days, we finally came up with the script for only one day, and two days of shooting. I really wanted my movie to be well and properly thought but it was impossible with the chasing deadline. We had so many assignments and projects, we just didn't have time to think about the movie.

I am pretty happy with the outcome of our movie, though. All our sweat and hard work - paid. There came a time where I was pretty pessimistic at the second day of shooting, because the place was really crowded and it didn't look the way I expected. But we managed to find some places suitable for our needs and we successfully made it in time.

P.S, the title is not "who's your hero?", it's Obscure. And yeah, too lazy to actually think up of the main idea of the movie.

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